feb 102011
6 – 11 februari pågår World Social Forum, i år i Dakar, Senegal.

”It is only the second time that the World Social Forum (WSF) takes place in Africa, the first one having been held in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2007. Since the start of the WSF in Porto Alegre, Brazil, 10 years ago, the organisers have been building African participation.”

”We don’t want everybody to think the same” – länk till en aktuell artikel om forumet. Isolda Agazzi 9 februari 2011

”By fortunate coincidence, the Dakar forum is taking place immediately after the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. Both countries were ruled by dictatorships, the press was mostly controlled by the government with few independent media, while opposition parties lacked influence and importance, as is usually the case in authoritarian systems. Apparently everything was under control. But the opposition, sometimes virulent, was alive and it was a majority. Lacking political freedom and media that reflect their views, civil society was waiting for its chance and adopted its own means of communication, the Internet as well as more direct channels.

This is exactly the way the WSF came about, as a social network unconnected to political parties or economic or religious interests.

For this reason, the winds blowing from North Africa carry a lesson and stimulus for the Dakar meetings. Above all they confirm the strategies of the forums, which were born of and work in the heart of civil society in order to promote and introduce bottom-up change, the only kind that really changes the world.”

”This world is impossible” – länk till hela artikeln
Mario Lubetkin 8 februari 2011, IPS – TerraViva